No one (literally!) knows the TRUE POWER of photos in growing an online brand

Here's a quick and simple framework to plan photos that will INSTANTLY get you better relationships with your leads, dramatically reduce the amount of hustle, and get more sales.



with Irina Leoni


Get your brand photos to stick in people’s minds like cheese on a pizza, and get better engagement and compounding sales.


Get noticed. Get KNOWN. Get PAID.

“This training was eyeopening with so many AHA moments for me. If you own a business and want to improve your online presence, do yourself a favor and get Irina’s training NOW!

-- Richard Wingfield, Head Geek at Envision Design

IMAGINE having photos that...

  • reach your audience like they JUST discovered Internet, and build bone-deep relationships faster
  • rapidly scale your business because they "talk" to people on an emotional level
  • are unique, on brand, and show only your true and absolute self
  • engage all levels of consciousness and trigger people's memories and senses
  • make your website, your copy, and your social feeds impactful and memorable

Learn to plan brand photos (and videos) that grab people by their eyeballs,

tickle their brains, and make them wanna know more -

by stimulating their senses!

photographer shooting themselves in the head with the professional camera

Your brand photos and the fancy photog you're hiring are worth 100x the cash and time you invest...

You have a banging business system that ensures creation of photos to enhance and grow your brand...

The science that creates emotional anchors in your prospects' hearts and minds makes you unforgettable.

Got brand-related anxiety?

Who am I?

I'm a bridge between you and your branding photographer. My mission is to fill the void you find yourself in when you need new photos, but either don't know where to begin, or think that a photographer is gonna tell you what you need.

The hard truth is that NOBODY knows you and your brand better than you! Only YOU can think up photos that will be unique and most suitable for you. I'm here to help you get started!

I'm a founder of Power Portraits® and I've been shooting people for a living for over 11 years.

There's only one thing I love more than snapping photos of cool people, and it's marketing them. That's why I now focus on building brands with photos.

When I was young I thought I had it all figured out. So I got me a Master's degree in Computer Science, so I never have to study again. The irony is that I got hooked on learning, research, and inventing new ways of doing things.

Behold the results of my latest study - the "5 Senses Framework".

I created this training because I kept hearing:

"It's impossible to stand out these days..."


“I have a copy that 'sings', but with photos I’m gambling as to whether or not they do their work.


“Wait! What do you mean photos 'do the work?'"

I'm a branding designer and a photography enthusiast so I didn't think I needed this. But I simply had to learn more about what makes photos emotionally compelling.

What can I say -- I'm mind-blown from the first 10 minutes into it 🤯. Now I know why my favourite photos work. I highly recommend this before you even start planning a photoshoot.  It'll make your branding designer happy, too 😊.

I'm gifting this to my clients. The Framework has opened all my senses to imagery. I'll never look at a photo or video the same way again.

-- Gretchen Oris-Chong, Head Creative at Createrati

"5 Senses Framework"

is a system inside your business

that allows you to compile a working set of props, locations, wardrobe and shot ideas that work UNIQUELY for YOUR business, based on 5 human senses.

Stop using the same images as every other coach out there!

Have it at your fingertips whenever you:

  • plan a pro photoshoot,
  • record new video content,
  • snap IG stories or reels,
  • or hunt down stock pics for your copy.

After taking this training, you'll have a new LIFE SKILL - you can think up your own SENSE-ational visuals - forever.

You have been working SO HARD on growing your business, finding your customers, and producing results for them. Now you can start telling your stories using photos that WORK!


Here’s how it'll go:

Every day for 5 days you'll get emails and videos guiding you in developing a crucial skill of seeing photos the way our unconscious "sees" them (10-15 minutes per day).

At the end you'll watch a session with me where I teach you how to apply this new skill in action, and tie it all together into a framework for your business (under 1 hour).

All recordings will be available to you inside the members area, with full access, for 30 days from the day of purchase.

Framework SO SIMPLE - you won’t remember how you lived without it.

“I hear Irina's voice in my head, giving me tips on how to make my photos more interesting and powerful. I can't unlearn or 'unhear' her guidance when I'm taking photos.”

-- Denise Wakeman, Online Visibility Coach

Make your brand "SENSE-ational"!

Trigger people’s SENSES, memories and emotions using "5 Senses Framework" and enjoy:

  • not having to hustle so hard
  • seeing how much more effective your message is
  • your online platform "doing the work" FOR you, while you're doing life
  • and pimping it out at every opportunity. 

That's what having a "SENSE-ational brand" means.

Questions? Email [email protected]