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Learn how to stimulate all 5 human senses with your photos, and reach people deeply before they even realize it - in my new 5-day challenge:

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* and start building your SENSE-ational brand

Hi, I'm Irina. 


I help online educators create a powerful and profitable brand with clever use of photos - to make selling easy and intuitive. 

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* and start building your SENSE-ational brand


I help online educators create powerful and profitable brands with clever use of photos - to make selling easy and intuitive.

Working with me you get:

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Kit "to go"

Create your Brand Persona template - just as you would create a brand board for your web designer

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Get ready to shoot powerful photo assets that show the "whole picture" of your brand at the first glance

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 Look so good!

Get your Visual Brand Persona to be so "put together" - you know exactly who you are, and so does your audience

Be SEEN the way you DESERVE to be seen.

“Irina makes ‘branding’ human.

A critical business strategy becomes available to an even inexperienced business person.

She helps people GET the power they have to emotionally connect with their customers and shows how to use it.”

-- Workshop attendee

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Signature training

Take your audience from "meh" to "hell yeah"

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Online Course

This is your complete A-Z blueprint for brainstorming and defining your brand, without getting stuck, and confidently planning your brand's visuals.

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