Ready to do some shopping?


Here are all my DO-IT-FOR-YOU products and even a branding with photos mini-training if you're hoping to do it yourself!


Ready to do some shopping?


Here are all my DO-IT-FOR-YOU offers and even a mini-training (for those who hope they can do it themselves)

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Get your BRANDBOOK done

- Fill out the questionnaire

- 3+ hrs intensive with Irina on Zoom

- 2x 1 hr follow-up calls to resolve questions and complete the Brand Book.

This can be finished as quickly as you're able to make decisions. Even in a weekend!


*** Available as a part of the VIP weekend in Italy.

USD 1497

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Moodboard + Shotlist

You've defined your brand. You've got your audience and messaging nailed, and your stories are singing with relevance and intrigue.

All you want is support with VISUALS, so — here we go!

Send me your brand assets, and after a quick call I'll propose the new way to live your brand to it's fullest. No dietary changes or exercise required.

I'll build you living and breathing Moodboard (the BEDROCK for all your visuals) and Shot List, so you have EVERYTHING covered.


USD 697

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ALL in ONE package

THIS is the answer to ALL of your visual needs - and for a long time (if you're in for a LONG GAME). 

Combines all I do in one quick process — Brandbook + Moodboard + Shotlist.

Pre-qualification: you have been around on your business journey and you've figured out how to row that boat and stay afloat. Now you want to do "the right thing" with your brand images, and completion of this work will bring you a COMPLETE and UTTER satisfaction and JOY.

USD 1897

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Brand platform review

Get on a Zoom call with me and I'll give you all kinds of neat ideas on how you can maximize your impact through your brand photos.

For a limited time I'm offering $200 off on this introductory offer.

Get a taste of what I can do for you, or how you can improve things on your own!

Or you can ask me all kinds of other branding or photography questions.

You in?

USD 295

USD 97

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"5 Senses Framework" mini-training

Get a very clear understanding what stimulating ALL senses in images does to your marketing (spoiler: MAGNIFIES it!) and learn how to do it in your photos.

You NEED this mini-training. And after you watch it - you won't know how you lived without it.

~2 hrs of small easy to digest videos

- binge-watch it all right away

- one-of-a-kind training that changes the ay you look at your (and others) photos

USD 97


Want me to shoot your photos too? 

Sometimes I'm available to fly out to shoot where you are. It's possible! I love traveling, the only catch is that involves my travel expenses added to the photography fees.

You can choose to come to ME, and shoot your images on location in Italy. The catch is - YOUR travel expenses added to the photography fees. But it's also a lot more fun and me and my team will help you with all the travel arrangements. 

Photography fees and packages are listed on Power Portraits® and you can build your own custom experience too. All it takes is sending me a note and setting up a quick call to chat.

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