Let's cast a magic spell that makes your photos come alive!


Meet Irina Leoni,

the mystical master of brand photography and imagination.





Let's cast a magic spell

that makes your

photos come alive! 

Meet Irina Leoni

the mystical master of

brand photography

and imagination.

Let's bring your vision — and your story — to life.

100% YOU: manifested.

Let's bring your vision — and your story — to life.

100% YOU: manifested.

The BRAND IMAGE of your wildest dreams

Your brand photos are more than a page filler. They're a whole MOOD that makes you feel:  
  • Badass... because your real 🍑 looks so good
  • Excited... so you wake up giddy - ready to fascinate the world with your talents
  • Un-ignorable… no more feeling invisible, unheard, unseen and unknown 
  • Delighted... about finally getting photos that reflect exactly who you wanna be, and make you strut like a tiger on a good hair day
  • Inspired... by your brand as it propels your business into the spotlight, and you - into the life you've always wanted
  • Polished… so you never feel like your brand just rolled out of bed

Ready to knock the socks off the world?


I started a photography business back in 2008…


Here are some of the blunders I encountered,

which most online business owners are guilty of:

  • Assuming the photographer can read their mind, understand the essence of their business, and tell them exactly what shots they need
  • Wanting photos of “exactly who they are”… yet using the same concepts as everyone else
  • Thinking that just because some successful business has certain photos, they're right for their brand, too ending up with "glamor shots" when they’re a success coach for women. Really?
  • Thinking that perfect hair & perfect outfits are the end-all-be-all of good photos… but these are the wrong things to focus on, in order to capture attention with your unique story and personality
  • Not knowing what power lies in photography, the possibilities they can explore, and boundaries they can push in their marketing visuals - to attract and excite their perfect people


and I didn’t want to contribute to this madness anymore.

"Irina literally makes magic happen with her camera.  As someone who never likes the way she looks in photos, somehow Irina got dozens of different shots that blew me away.  From the cover of my book to dynamic photos throughout my website, Irina exceeded all of my wildest expectations."

-- Pamela Gold, Founder,  HACKD Fitness

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As a photographer, I know how to make anyone look good (and it has nothing to do with the size of your coffee mug)  


It's time to shut the F-stop up and throw away the old rules. Unless you wanna blend in with everyone else on LinkedIn and be same-same, ya gotta let your personality shine


OK, now repeat after me:

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📷  I will not take boring pictures in a coffee shop

📷  I will not point at words on Instagram

📷  I will not punch my chin with a fist

📷  I will not "sit still, look pretty"

📷  I will not cross my arms / use “closed” body language

📷  I will not take photos with a laptop on the beach or a bench



Instead, we're gonna plan your shots and build a brand that uplevels both yourself AND your business,


— and showcases the full range of your humanity in the most powerful images we can think of.

"I was blown away (literally) by Irina’s vision and execution.

The shoot was so much fun. I played off Irina’s energy, she was upbeat and yet calm, it really made me feel good."

-- Becca Brown, Entrepreneur, Founder, Shark Tank Alumna

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1. My idea of a great time is to


📸  scout ads / award websites, and photography portfolios,

📸  save pages ripped out of magazines,

📸  screenshot the heck out of cool images I find on social media and in stock image libraries.


12 years of that, and I accidentally on purpose became a master at suggesting to people their unique unforgettable image ideas to highlight and grow their brands.

… Not just the images where they will look good, but the ones that people look at and say “WOW, I need to know her!”


2. I went through a marketing phase in my photography business


— as in I was more interested in doing the marketing than the photography…

And then one day, branding photography combined both worlds, and I was clearly born to do just that.


3. I’ve moved continents...


... changed countries several times, and became such a pro at adapting to immigration/expat life that I'm now officially a nomad (no "home base").

Translation: I’m a re-invention PRO.

And I’m gonna show you that (and "how") you too can reinvent yourself upwards, and become who you WANT to be, dreaming up your perfect new badass self and a personal brand.

I’m the person to work with to create a living, breathing vision board of the next edition of YOU. And then based on that board - your BRAND IMAGE.

I’m the person to work with to create a living, breathing vision board of the next edition of YOU. And then based on that board - your BRAND IMAGE.

Ways to work with me:

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#1: Start Here

Up to 90 minutes 1:1 zoom session with me to explore "where do I even begin?", "how do I find my style?", "how do I stand out"? or anything else photo branding. 

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#2: Just Plan - No Shoot

Use my power of imagination, experience and vision to plan your exciting photoshoot and execute with your photog. View all my branding offers here.

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#3: Plan & Shoot

Everything in #2 + photography by yours truly. Choose a package at Power Portraits®, or create a custom project of your dreams. Book one of these packages to begin.

Looking for the

Ultimate Brand-Up package

which includes building your Brandbook, Moodboard and Shot List — all done by me and my team?


This is most rewarding for those well underway in their business, who want to SERIOUSLY level up: influence more people, sell more, work less, book more 1st class flights… whatever growth looks like to you.



Sign up for email news:

I'll email you with snap and potent branding/photo tips, as well as keep you up-to-date on my nomadic travels and all the exciting location-based shoots with me (cannoli included).

"I wanted to visually translate my brand message and personal values for the website and social. I hired Irina for the branding and a photoshoot on location in Colorado. By then I knew that there will be work to do before the photoshoot is scheduled.

After working with Irina:

  • I got important stories visually supported
  • I got a “Brand book” that I can refer to - for myself and when hiring help
  • I know how to pull stories from my life experience and think up the visuals to illustrate them
  • I had no idea what goes into brand building and now I do! 

Instead of being told what stories to tell, I learned that skill with Irina and now I can do it on my own as my brand grows and develops."


-- Katie Wrigley, Life Coach 

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Burning desire to talk to me?

You can write to me anywhere you want - on Instagram, on Facebook, via email, text message, or even a smoke signal.

But since you're here - hit the button below for a contact form. I'll get an email and write back as soon as I finish devouring my panino:




You can message me anywhere you want - Instagram, Facebook, via email, text — even a smoke signal.

But since you're here - hit the button below for a contact form. I'll write back as soon as I finish my mozzarella panino


Seen / heard me on?

Alyssa Patmos invited me to talk about the nuances of full time travel.

We dive into:

- what it takes to own and act on your desires

- how burn out can creep in while traveling

- the emotions full time travel can bring up

- and what to do if you decide you want to go all in on travel.

Among other things like:

- loneliness and the choice to be alcohol-free

- killer tips for transitioning to a new place or space

- (since I can't help myself) quick tips for making your photos instantly more engaging

 - travel as a spiritual practice being the name of the game.


Check Alyssa's podcast or Youtube channel for the full episode or just tap on the image above

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