What makes a BRAND photographer GOOD (how to choose one for you)

Most people hiring a brand photographer for the 1st time can't tell a “good photographer” from the hole in the wall.

Run through this quick checklist to see if the photog you’re eyeing for your brand shoot has what it takes to meet and exceed your expectations. And yes, you want someone to exceed them – the world is difficult enough for us to settle on anything less harmonious.

(I'm focusing in this blog on "people brands" (personality-based, human-represented), if you're looking for another type of brand photography head here for a list of available niches.)


There's no denying that some of these are self-evident, but I wanted to break things down to eliminate the vague and bring clarity and help you focus. Like this 1st one...

1. They must be GOOD AT PHOTOGRAPHY:

What's that mean??

  • Knows and uses the rules of composition and knows when it’s good to break them


  • Knows and uses the variety of lighting...
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