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"Irina literally makes magic happen with her camera. As someone who never likes the way she looks on film, somehow Irina got dozens of different shots that blew me away. From the cover of my book to dynamic photos through out my website, Irina exceeded all of my wildest expectations. I cannot recommend her highly enough."

Pamela Gold

Author, Speaker and Spiritual Strength Expert

Peter Shankman

"When you grow up a fat kid, you're always a fat kid in your mind, no matter how much weight you lose. Unfortunately, that doesn't go too well with being a public figure. As such, I've always shied away from photographs, relenting only when I had no other choice. Then I met Irina. From the moment we sat down to discuss my headshots, I felt an easiness with her that I've never felt with any other professional in the past. The day we shot, she was forthcoming, easy to work with, happy, and smiling the entire time. She made me forget, even if just for a few minutes, what it was like to be that fat kid. I couldn't be happier with the photos, and I can't recommend her highly enough. She's a brilliant photographer, but perhaps even more importantly, she's a kind soul, and that makes all the difference."

Peter Shankman

Corporate Speaker, Best-selling Author, and Venture Capitalist

"Working with Irina was an amazing experience. Firstly, she completely understood our concept right off the bat and our extremely particular lighting style; dark, emotional, creating a mood - yet making the food the hero. Our client's images are so awesome, you can practically taste and smell the bread, cookies and muffins she shot. In addition, she was on time, super-professional, flexible, and a pleasure to be around. Our crew included a few stylists and other random creatives; and Irina was cool and focused the entire time. Carrying through with a big vision takes collaboration of equal minds who are willing and able to put their hearts and soul into it, without compromise. We found our match in Irina."  

Pam Sherr, Project Manager, Branding Studio at Ptex Group

Ptex Group, Inc.

1309 54th Street

Brooklyn, NY 11219

Ptex Group

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