Power Portraits - Irina Leoni

What is Power Portraits?

It may have taken me a while to get to this place, professionally, but at this moment in life I feel like I was born to photograph entrepreneurs. The sparkle in an entrepreneur’s eye is different than that of any other people.

The energy. The passion. The hustle. The grit. The unwavering determination. The seemingly crazy belief that they can change the world in their own unique way.

Yet, when you put anyone in front of a camera, it’s easy to clam up. Thoughts of self-doubt emerge in a forced smile and fear appears in the eyes.

This is where I come in.

To translate the spark of an entrepreneur into an image lights me up.

After 10 years of shooting portraits, I know how to erase the anxiety and fear that often accompanies being photographed, and show the you-ness that makes you, you.

And that is why the result of our sessions together are not just headshots or portraits, but Power Portraits.

The kind of images that show the real person. That allows your audience to connect to you on a much deeper level than words alone.

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